About Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Washington DC

We are proud to provide the latest advanced technology for the treatment of unwanted body hair. Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal system is effective and safe for all colors and types of skin. We can treat light or dark skin tones, and even patients with suntans! The breakthrough design of this system utilizes a longer wavelength than older devices, for highly effective and permanent results. The unique design includes cooling comfort technology, to take the pain out of silky smooth skin!

You could remove excess hair with depilatory creams, waxing, shaving, plucking, or other common techniques. However, the results of these methods are short-lived, so they must be repeated frequently. Laser hair removal is the solution for those who want excellent, long-lasting results. In the past, the only permanent method of hair removal was electrolysis. This technique treats one follicle at a time with an electrical charge. It is a notoriously painful, tedious, and invasive procedure. It is also much less effective than laser treatment. Successful electrolysis may require enduring years of frequent sessions, whereas laser hair removal can achieve optimal results with about six to eight short, comfortable treatments.

With our laser system, we can remove unwanted hair from any area of the body including the back, legs, arms, and underarms. It is safe and gentle enough for sensitive areas such as the bikini line and around the nipples. The specially designed handpiece soothes and cools your skin as it gently glides over the surface. A few patients report a mild sensation of stinging or pinching, while others experience no discomfort. Although anesthetic is not required for this procedure, it is available if you wish.

The number of sessions will vary, depending on individual factors including the diameter of the hairs, and your natural hair growth cycle. The average is three to six treatments, scheduled several weeks apart. This is because hair has a distinctive cycle of active growth, regression, and resting phases. However, not all hairs are on the same schedule – some will be growing while others are resting. The laser treatment acts on hairs in the active growth phase, so it is not possible to treat all hairs in a given area at one time.

You will be able to return to normal daily activities immediately after a session. There is no downtime, although you may notice slight redness or skin swelling at the treatment site. This is normal, and it should fade quickly. In very rare cases, some blistering may occur. We recommend using sunscreen to protect the treated area. Our laser’s cool handpiece increases your comfort and minimizes the potential for adverse skin reactions, which commonly occur with other lasers.

Using the latest technology in laser hair removal, we are able to treat large areas safely and rapidly without the limitations of older technologies. Call 571-431-6175 and schedule your appointment for silky-smooth skin today.

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