Arlington area dermatologist describes what happens after a skin cancer diagnosis

A diagnosis of skin cancer may seem extremely scary at first. The idea of “cancer” often brings to mind many concerns including chemotherapy and reduced overall health. However, one advantage of skin cancer is that it can be easily removed with procedures such as Mohs micrographic surgery, which can help reduce reoccurrence and allow Arlington area patients to live a cancer-free life.

Dr. Kenneth W. Neal is a board certified dermatologist who has offices conveniently located in Arlington and Stafford and can help patients through the process of skin cancer from diagnosis to elimination. Most patients find out they have skin cancer after having a skin evaluation done with Dr. Kenneth W. Neal. Strange skin lesions or moles may be an indication of a concern and can be biopsied by the doctor to look for cancerous skin cells. If confirmed, patients receive their official diagnosis and then speak with their dermatologist about their treatment options. For many, Mohs micrographic surgery is highly recommended.

Mohs micrographic surgery is a special excision that can help reduce the chances of reoccurrence and can help maintain healthy skin around the cancerous area—providing a more aesthetic treatment than conventional excision of the skin. Mohs micrographic surgery requires extensive training. Dr. Kenneth W. Neal is trained and experienced in providing this surgical procedure through his dermatological practice. This treatment is done by removing skin layer by layer, which are examined through a microscope to look for cancerous cells. This is a very conservative method of addressing skin cancer, and it has a very high success rate.

Dr. Kenneth W. Neal has two convenient locations in Stafford and Arlington and is delighted to take new patients into his practice. Contact Washington Dermatology Consultants today to schedule a consultation visit and examination to get started on the road to better health and wellness after a skin cancer diagnosis. He can walk you through the entire process and provide the dermatological procedures necessary to achieve a cancer-free diagnosis after effective excision.

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