Arlington dermatologist reviews effective nail fungus treatment

Arlington area patients dealing with nail fungus may be embarrassed and self-conscious about their condition. They may avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops during the summer because they don’t want others to see their unsightly nails. They may feel as though there is nothing they can do for discolored, brittle, and darkening nail beds with strange odors and pain. Fortunately, Dr. Kenneth Neal of the Arlington community can assist patients with nail fungus by providing appropriate treatment.

Nail fungus treatment often starts with a proper diagnosis. Dr. Kenneth Neal will evaluate a patient and determine if their nail concerns are indeed caused by a fungal infection. Fungal infections tend to be relatively persistent and can be difficult to treat. A board certified dermatologist may be able to offer prescription topical medications which can be used to reduce the severity of the condition. However, some infections are more stubborn or severe and may be better treated with laser therapy.

Laser therapy can provide gradual improvement and can be used in conjunction with antifungal topical creams to control the issue. Dr. Kenneth Neal will work with patients to determine the possible source of the condition and will give patients advice in avoiding future problems with fungal infections. This may include taking certain precautions in public places such as gyms and pools to reduce the chance of developing a fungal infection such as this on the feet or nails. Patients can learn about what causes nail fungus and how it can be controlled and prevented for future knowledge.

Patients residing in the community of Arlington are welcome to contact the dermatological team at our practice for assistance with a wide range of skin, hair, and body concerns. Nail fungus is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to medical and cosmetic dermatological concerns addressed in our state-of-the-art facility. Call us today to book an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Neal and his team. We welcome patients of all ages for effective diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of common skin issues.

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