Arlington dermatologist reviews the cost and expectations of chemical peels

Dr. Kenneth Neal and the team of Washington Dermatology Consultants encourage patients in Arlington and the surrounding areas to take their skin’s health and wellness seriously. It is important to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays as well as other environmental concerns. Patients should also take advantage of the anti-aging options available to them to smooth out the skin and dramatically improve texture and tone. At Washington Dermatology Consultants, we want our patients to learn about ways of improving their skin and maintaining better health and wellness of their body. For some patients, the use of chemical peels can help keep a myriad of conditions under control while enhancing the texture and tone of the skin.

Chemical peels have been used for hundreds of years to clear away dead skin cells and bring forth youthful looking skin. Dr. Kenneth Neal offers a wide range of chemical peels and reviews with his patients the types available, helping them make an educated decision as to which is best for their specific needs. He offers mild chemical peels as well as more aggressive selections, which are best for patients who have the time for recovery and healing and want faster, more effective results. However, the milder chemical peels are great for patients who want to experience minimal downtime while gradually improving their skin.

Dr. Kenneth Neal is often asked about the cost of chemical peels. The cost varies depending on the treatment area as well as the type of chemical peel. Stronger chemical peels will cost more than the milder versions, but produce faster results. Patients need to consider the downtime necessary after these more aggressive peels and plan accordingly. After aggressive peels, the skin will be red, swollen, and flake off, so most social activities should be avoided until patients feel comfortable going back out in public. During this process, however, the skin is rejuvenating, and amazing results will be achieved.

Are you interested in learning more about chemical peels? Contact Dr. Kenneth Neal and book a consultation visit and examination. We welcome new patients to our practice for education on the many services provided, including chemical peels.

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