Botox has its roots as a medical treatment, a neuromodulator used to reduce the instance of spasms and other muscle-related problems. A neuromodulator is a protein-based solution that has a relaxing effect when injected into a muscle. Technically, this medication blocks the signals the treated muscle would receive from the nerves. Once the cosmetic advantages were discovered, the development of a solution solely for cosmetic use began and Botox was developed. Today, it remains one of the most common non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation, decreasing the appearance of:

  • Crow’s feet
  • “11s”, furrows between the brows
  • Lines on the forehead
  • Lines across the neck
  • Dimpling on the chin
Washington Dermatology Consultant

Rating : 5 5 Stars

I have been a patient since 2009. Dr. Neal takes time with his patients and is not rushed to write a script and usher you out of his office. This may bother some if you are always in a hurry and looking for a quick turnaround. I appreciate that he does not mind answering questions and is very helpful. I went in to have some skin tags lasered off. He noticed that the skin at my hairline was dry and flaky offered some suggestions and wrote a prescription. It wasn’t part of my official reason for visiting Dr. Neal that day, but I was grateful because something that I had written off as dandruff was actually a skin condition that could be treated easily and inexpensively. I guess it’s all in what you are looking for in a dermatologist. I highly recommend Dr. Neal and his staff. His office is located off of Columbia Pike which many think is a sketchy area in general. However, he is in a professional medical building with many other doctors. I would, and have, recommended Dr. Neal to anyone looking for a good dermatologist. 

At Washington Dermatology Consultants, patients receive excellent care from a reputable, board certified dermatologist with an extensive history of success with Botox and other minimally invasive treatments. With his years of treating men and women from the Arlington, VA area, Dr. Neal understands the significant benefits of Botox as a primary or complementary treatment. Many of our patients experience beautifully natural results from a treatment plan that includes both Botox and other anti-agers like dermal fillers. The two different treatments both address fine lines and wrinkles, but do so in different ways. Together, they have a dramatic effect.

Very little time is needed to rejuvenate your appearance at Washington Dermatology Consultants. During your private consultation with Dr. Neal, you will be able to discuss the issues that concern you, and learn his expert opinion regarding ideal solutions for improvement. After hearing your concerns and performing a skin assessment, Dr. Neal will formulate a plan to achieve your desired goals.

With his specific hands-on training and experience, Dr. Neal has the precise skills you can count on to acquire your more youthful appearance from Botox treatment. Receiving treatment from an experienced dermatologist means that you will achieve the look you want while retaining your ability to show emotion as you wish. To give your skin the TLC it needs, contact our office in Arlington, VA or Stafford, VA for your visit.