There are a few reasons why your dermatologist may recommend removing a skin growth or lesion with excision. The most recognized condition that warrants excision is skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or melanoma. Skin cancer is not the only reason excision may be needed in our Arlington or Stafford office. Dr. Neal may also perform excision biopsies, to analyze tissue suspected to be abnormal, or to remove a growth that is frequently inflamed or tender. Growths that are often disturbed by shaving or other physical tasks, or are a cosmetic problem, may also be removed through excision.

Excision is a surgical procedure and, as such, may sound complicated. In fact, many excisions may be performed right in our dermatologist’s office. Before treatment, our physician will discuss your medical history and any medications you are taking. It is important to let us know details of supplement use so that the risk of abnormal bleeding can be assessed.

Excisions are performed under local anesthesia, which will produce a numbing effect on tissues surrounding the treatment area. Our dermatologist uses specialized instruments and techniques that will produce the most favorable cosmetic outcome to cut around and under the lesion or growth carefully. Removed tissue is placed into preserving liquid and sent to a pathology lab, where it is tested for abnormal cells.

The edges of the incision are carefully stitched together to close the wound. In some cases, two layers of stitches are placed, one beneath the top layer of skin that will gradually absorb, and one layer to close the top layer of skin. This layer will be removed in a week to two weeks. Patients receive post-operative care instructions before leaving our office. We are also happy to answer any questions should they arise.

Whether you have a growth or lesion that is suspicious or is simply a cosmetic nuisance, we can provide a high level of care for removal and follow up. Contact Washington Dermatology Consultants to schedule your consultation today.