How Can Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Help Arlington Patients Improve Their Skin?

At Washington Dermatology Consultants, we enjoy having the ability to improve patient’s skin. Dr. Neal, of Arlington, assists new and existing patients in addressing imperfections with intense pulsed light therapy. He enjoys offering LimeLight, a specific IPL treatment that is used to rejuvenate skin of all colors, textures, and ethnicities.

With LimeLight intense pulsed light therapy, Dr. Neal can make drastic changes to a patient’s skin tone and texture. Imperfections such as age spots, surface veins (called telangiectasia), sun damage, and uneven skin tone can all be reduced or eliminated with LimeLight therapy.

LimeLight therapy can be done on any part of the body to effectively treat these conditions. Discoloration on the arms, face, back, chest, and other areas can benefit from intense pulsed light therapy, and patients see drastic improvements over time with several treatments.

The treatment with LimeLight is very comfortable and well tolerated by patients. Most explain the feeling as warmth to the skin, and some describe a tingling sensation. Beforehand, an anesthetic is used with a cooling gel to ensure patient comfort. Depending on the area being treated, most patients can enjoy their treatment in less than one hour.

The benefit of LimeLight intense pulsed light therapy is that patients do not have any downtime or recovery time. Appointments can be scheduled during a patient’s lunch break, and he or she can return to his or her regular daily activities with absolutely no interruption. Though redness and minor swelling may be present for several hours after treatment, patients are often not bothered by the after effects of treatment and are extremely satisfied with the results this procedure can provide.

LimeLight intense pulsed light therapy should be done regularly to improve the skin, though changes may be noticed after the very first treatment. Optimum results may require three to four treatments be scheduled, typically a month or two apart. Dr. Neal helps his patients in scheduling their appointments and maintaining a regimen that works for their busy lifestyle.

If you have been considering intense pulsed light therapy to improve your skin and work or live near the Arlington area, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Neal today to schedule a consultation appointment with Washington Dermatology Consultants. Our team of experts are here to assist in dramatically rejuvenating your skin-and your self-esteem!

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