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Fans' Choice Award

Fans Choice Award


Time, sun exposure, and other factors combine to rob your skin of youthful volume. The signs may be subtle at first, but soon you are seeing thin lips, sagging skin, wrinkles, lines, and deep folds in the mirror. Dermal fillers literally fill the void, smoothing wrinkles and improving facial contours.

We use a variety of fillers, because each has unique properties, making it ideal for specific situations. Juvéderm, from the trusted makers of Botox Cosmetic, is a smooth-textured, hyaluronic acid based product. Hyaluronic acid naturally is found in all living things, making it safe and biocompatible. Young skin has higher levels of hyaluronic acid than mature skin, helping it stay plump and hydrated.

Juvéderm is a great option for:

  • Lip augmentation
  • Smile lines
  • Vertical facial lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Lines around the eyes that are not caused by muscle contractions
  • Subtle contouring
  • Enhancing the effects of Botox

Washington Dermatology Consultant
Rating : 5 5 Stars

Wonderful Dr. Neal and his staff! You made a difference in my life and health care. Stafford finally got the tops in dermatology care.
The thin, smooth consistency of Juvéderm makes it ideal for precision work. Sensitive areas such as the lips may develop bumps with a thicker product. Although hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible, we prefer to avoid problems. Your doctor will carefully select the best product, or combination of products, to achieve your goals.

The liquid facelift, as it is known, is a fine art. It may include one, several, or all of the injectables we offer. Relaxants, such as Botox, treat a different type of wrinkle than dermal fillers. Additionally, various fillers may be layered for the perfect effect. We always strive for a natural, healthy appearance. Cosmetic procedures shouldn’t make you look like you’ve had cosmetic procedures. Instead, you should look as if you are immune to the passage of time.

The Juvéderm procedure is fast and comfortable. Injections are made with a tiny needle. The number of injections needed depends on the area treated, and the amount of volume that needs to be replaced. Results are visible instantly, and can last from six to nine months. With regular maintenance appointments, you can keep your new, younger appearance as long as you want!

If you are ready to turn back the hands of time, call us at 571-431-6175 and schedule an appointment.


Washington Dermatology Consultant
Rating : 5 Juvederm Injections Arlington - 5 Stars
"Wonderful Dr. Neal and his staff! You made a difference in my life and health care. Stafford finally got the tops in dermatology care."

Fans' Choice Award

Fans Choice Award

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We do not prescribe Humira, Accutane, nor any similar medications.
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