The Laser Genesis treatment is an amazing technology that allows patients to safely address fine lines and wrinkles, redness, scarring, and textural concerns. While one session cannot provide optimum results, patients can visit the practice of Washington Dermatology Consultants several times for treatment to see the amazing benefits Laser Genesis can have on the skin’s health and appearance.

Photo Gallery – Before & After

Patient Pictures Shown Before and After Treatments

Laser Genesis uses heat to address dilated capillaries (which are the primary cause of skin redness), and to stimulate collagen growth. The results are not immediate as the skin needs time to heal and regenerate collagen but these subtle changes are also highly desired by patients who don’t want to look as though they’ve had “work done.” Dr. Kenneth Neal of Washington Dermatology Consultants recommends patients undergo anywhere from four to six treatments for effective treatment of skin concerns, while more or less may be necessary depending on how the skin responds to the treatment. During the initial consultation appointment, Dr. Kenneth Neal can give patients a more accurate idea of how many treatment sessions may be needed.

With Laser Genesis, very few side effects are ever reported. The most common concern is redness but this often disappears a few hours after the treatment has been completed. As time goes on, patients will notice subtle, gradual changes to their skin. Scars become less noticeable, pores are smaller, uneven skin tone and texture is evened out, and minor imperfections on the skin are less apparent than they were before. The final results at the end of treatment can be dramatic, and patients can continue to undergo regular visits with Dr. Kenneth Neal to maintain their new appearance and continue to improve the health and texture of their skin.

Dr. Kenneth Neal of Washington Dermatology Consultants is here to assist patients in skin rejuvenation and transformation in both health and aesthetics. Contact his practice today to consult regarding Laser Genesis treatment and whether or not it is an appropriate treatment option for your skin concerns. With an examination and medical background reference, Dr. Kenneth Neal can decide if laser therapy is appropriate or if other services should be considered instead. He has a wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments available through his state-of-the-art practice and is happy to discuss any and all services which can benefit the beauty and health of the skin and body.