Most adults spend at least several minutes a day attending to the issue of unwanted hair. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy silky soft skin that is smooth and resilient without having to experience burns, nicks, bumps, and stubble? With laser hair removal in the Arlington, VA area, you can achieve permanent hair reduction and love your skin.

Until the development of laser technology for hair removal, the only permanent removal treatment was electrolysis. These treatments may have produced the desired outcome of decreased hair, but they were also quite uncomfortable and lengthy. Laser hair removal is far more efficient at treating hundreds of follicles at once, feeling like nothing more than a snap from a rubber band.

Photo Gallery – Before & After

Patient Pictures Shown Before and After Treatments

Today, removing unwanted hair can be a very straightforward process, despite the advanced technology behind laser hair removal. Dr. Neal uses sophisticated equipment proven to treat various skin types safely and gently with powerful laser energy. Many people find treatment sessions extremely comfortable, though numbing cream can be applied to improve the overall experience. This treatment may be applied to most areas of the body, such as the legs, arms, face, back, bikini area, buttocks, breasts, abdomen, back, and underarms.

The results achieved through laser hair removal come from several sessions. This is because hair growth goes through a cycle. Each treatment vaporizes the hair that is actively growing within the follicle at the time as the pigment in hair absorbs heat from the laser device. Beneath these active hairs are inactive hairs waiting to enter the follicle. Once they do, they can be treated in a subsequent session. Laser hair removal sessions are typically scheduled a few weeks apart.

Because pigment is the key to laser hair removal, in some instances this treatment may be less effective. Blonde or grey hair, for instance, has no pigment so will not absorb light. In addition, tanned skin contains more pigment and can inhibit the absorption of laser energy within each follicle. This means that more sessions may be needed to achieve optimal results. Getting laser hair removal when the skin is less pigmented allows our dermatologist to use the maximum amount of laser light energy for your skin type to achieve optimal results.

Laser hair removal is a convenient, safe, and effective way to break free from the daily ritual of shaving, plucking, or otherwise removing unwanted hair. Contact us in Arlington or Stafford, VA to learn more about our laser hair removal services.