Although there is a great deal of talk about moles and skin cancer, most moles pose no significant risk to our health. That being said, it is important to understand that moles are present at birth. We have an average of twenty-five moles on our body. Moles that appear as we go through life are the result of UV exposure from direct sunlight or tanning bed use. It is for this reason that we are advised to perform monthly skin examinations at home and visit our dermatologist yearly for professional skin cancer screening.

Suspicious characteristics are not the only reason a person may wish to undergo mole removal in our Arlington or Stafford dermatology practice. Sometimes, a mole is persistently irritated from rubbing on clothing. A mole may be located in an area on the body that makes shaving difficult, or that affects the patient’s appearance.

Mole removal consultations

The first step in removing a mole is to complete a comprehensive examination and consultation with a board certified dermatologist. Dr. Kenneth Neal is extensively trained in all areas of dermatology, including advanced skin cancer surgery and reconstruction. Before simply removing a mole, a biopsy is performed. This directs the type of removal procedure best suited for optimal results.

Mole removal procedures are performed by our board certified dermatologist, who has several years of training and hands on experience. Dr. Neal has completed a prestigious Mohs Fellowship Program including facial and cosmetic reconstruction, and he has been recognized by the Consumer’s Research Council of America as one of AMERICA’S TOP DERMATOLOGISTS.

Mole removal procedures

A few different procedures may be used to remove an unwanted mole. The most suitable procedure is determined by the size and location of the mole, and the desired outcome.

  • Excision removes the mole and a small amount of surrounding tissue. The incision is closed with sutures, which will be removed after about a week. Excision sometimes leaves a small scar, but incisions are made using precision technique to minimize scarring.
  • Curettage is a shaving procedure using a special instrument with a sharp loop. This is an excellent option for mole removal due to irritation, as shaving takes the growth down to a smooth, flat surface.

Patients of Washington Dermatology Consultants benefit from the doctor’s years of training and experience and up to date, proven techniques. Contact us in Stafford or Arlington, VA for your consultation.