Nail fungus can cause discomfort and distress. One or more fingernails or toenails may become affected by nail fungus because of an injury. Individuals with a suppressed immune system or genetic predisposition may be more at risk for this problem.

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Patient Pictures Shown Before and After Treatments

  • A small white or yellow spot on the nail bed
  • Nail becomes thickened, ragged, crumbly or brittle
  • Loss of shine or luster occurs, and the nail becomes dull
  • Distortion of the nail occurs
  • Nail pulls away from the nail bed
  • Nail becomes sensitive or painful
  • Debris builds up beneath the nail, causing darkening
  • Fungi, the cause of infection

    When we think of fungus, we may think of mold or other unappealing substances .Fungi are actually tiny, living microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They can live in areas devoid of sunlight and oxygen. Fungi love environments that are warm and moist, like showers and swimming pools.

    Fungal infections in the nails can occur when these microorganisms enter the skin through tiny cuts or an area where the nail has separated slightly from the nail bed. If the nail is continually exposed to moist, warm conditions, fungi thrive. Because our toes are often inside of shoes, where they are warm and moist, fungi tend to thrive on toenails more than fingernails.

    The importance of nail fungus treatment with your Arlington, VA dermatologist

    In addition to being unsightly, fungal infection can lead to a foul odor and discomfort. Individuals with other health concerns, such as diabetes or a weakened immune system, should seek prompt treatment for fungal infections due to the increased risk of systemic response. Nail fungus does not always limit itself to the nail bed, posing a risk of infection in other parts of the body in those whose health is compromised.

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