Patients in Arlington, VA benefit from CoolSculpting treatment

Most individuals would like to improve some area of their appearance. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet and participating in a regular exercise program are critical steps to achieving a fit and attractive physique. Many patients, however, find that even diet, exercise, and fitness training aren’t always enough to reduce or sculpt areas of the body that are susceptible to stubborn fat deposits.

For many years, the only options for patients who wished to achieve a more contoured physique was surgical liposuction. It is still a popular and common procedure in the United States, however, medical advances have resulted in new, non-invasive techniques to remove areas of stubborn fat.

CoolSculpting, based upon the science of cryolipolysis, freezes fat cells, which permanently destroys them. Cells are then naturally flushed from the body and do not return. The discovery that cold can eliminate fat cells came from two scientists affiliated with Harvard University who noticed that children who ate popsicles developed different contouring in their cheeks. Today, after more than 4000 clinical trials, more than 2 million treatments have been performed throughout the world. Patient satisfaction rates of up to 95 percent have made the procedure highly popular. It is the only treatment that has been cleared by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration for fat reduction using non-invasive cooling technology.
To determine if a patient is an ideal candidate for the treatment, the professional dermatology team at Washington Dermatology Consultants will schedule a comprehensive consultation. The number of treatments required vary by patient and the areas that are to be treated, which may include the abdomen, love handles, sides, inner and outer thighs, and double chin. Results from treatment may be noticed within the first few weeks after the procedure, with optimal results being achieved after about two months.
The CoolSculpting procedure is typically completed within an hour, during which patients are able to read, relax, rest, or catch up on work or messages. Most patients can return to their normal activities and work immediately following treatment.

More information about CoolSculpting is available by calling Washington Dermatology Consultants in Arlington, VA, at 571-431-6175.

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