Reconstructive surgery may be able to take place under the care of our specifically trained, board certified dermatologist. Dr. Kenneth Neal has achieved a high level of education and training, completing a Mohs Fellowship program, which also included advanced facial reconstruction and cosmetic surgery.

Skin cancer

Reconstructive surgery may follow initial treatment in a few situations. The most commonly known is for skin cancer. Skin cancer affects a great many people. We encourage our patients to get to know their skin through the performance of monthly self-examinations. Yearly skin cancer screenings should take place in our office in Stafford or Arlington. Through careful monitoring, it is possible to detect skin cancers in their earliest stage, when the chance of removal without reconstructive surgery is greater.

If scarring or deformity remains after the removal of a cancerous lesion, reconstructive surgery can repair this damage. The complexity of surgical repair and the overall achievable outcome will depend on the size and depth of the growth and the type of procedure through which removal was completed. With precision repair of skin cancer scarring, you do not have to live with the reminder of this disease.

Scar revision

Scar revision is another type of reconstructive surgery performed by specifically trained dermatologists. By definition, a scar is a permanent mark on the skin. With surgery, however, the appearance of a scar may be significantly reduced, allowing you to feel more confident with your appearance.

Scar revision may be achieved using one of various surgical methods, or even with laser treatment, depending on the specific characteristics of the scar being treated. The overall success of scar revision is dependent on several different factors, such as the type of injury that caused the scar, the body’s inherent healing response, the amount of blood supply to the area, the specifics of the wound, and the thickness and color of the skin.

At Washington Dermatology Consultants, you are served by a team of well-trained, highly experienced professionals who strive to achieve the most favorable outcome. To learn more about our reconstructive procedures, contact us in Arlington or Stafford.