Dermal fillers are among the most popular cosmetic treatments available today, for very good reasons. Just a few comfortable injections can be the end of the wrinkles, folds, and facial lines that are aging your face. While every brand of filler has unique properties, most work in a similar fashion – a thickened substance is injected, literally filling in wrinkles, with instant results. Sculptra Aesthetic is a completely different concept, yielding gradual, natural results.

Sculptra is a volumizer that works with your skin. It is made of synthetic poly-L-lactic acid, which is gentle and biocompatible; it has been used safely in medical applications for many years. A precision amount is injected into the muscle layers just beneath the skin. It does not provide an instant lift. Instead, it stimulates the natural production of collagen – the actual “filler” is produced by your own body, for a truly natural appearance and texture.

The benefits of Sculptra Aesthetic include:

  • Results can last for as long as two years.
  • Sculptra is the first anti-aging treatment that works by replacing lost collagen.
  • Your skin will look natural, and feel natural
  • Fight the signs of aging subtly, with no dramatic sudden change in your appearance.
  • Restore and enhance facial contours naturally.

The procedure is comfortable; only a tiny amount of Sculptra is injected, using a very fine needle. Immediately following the treatment, you will not see a difference – and neither will anyone else. Results develop gradually and subtly over several weeks. This is a popular option for people with high visibility professions, such as newscasters, as well as people who simply don’t want to hear water cooler gossip about their “cosmetic work.”

Several treatments are needed to achieve optimal results. Usually, three appointments are scheduled, over several months’ time; however, the exact schedule varies depending on the patient’s individual needs. Sculptra is a great solution for sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and facial contouring. Tissue wasting can result in sunken cheeks and a thin jawline, creating a skeleton-like appearance. Building up these areas with collagen gives your face a soft, subtle, youthful appearance. No one will guess you’ve had cosmetic treatment, and, of course, we always protect our patients’ privacy.

If you are looking for a discreet, subtle anti-aging treatment, call (571) 431-6175 to schedule an appointment to find out if Sculptra is right for you.