Stafford area dermatologist describes nail fungus treatment

When distortion, build up, and discoloration of the nail bed becomes a problem, patients may be dealing with a condition known as nail fungus. A fungal infection can be extremely persistent and may require treatment to heal. Fungal infections of the fingernails or toenails can be addressed with laser treatment in Stafford with a qualified board certified dermatologist.

Nail fungus treatment requires an initial consultation appointment and examination to properly diagnosis the condition. Patients may notice a variety of signs that nail fungus is a serious issue. These may include:

  • Pain and discomfort around the nail
  • The nail bed and nail separating
  • Brittle, discolored nail
  • Reduced natural shine
  • Nail distortion
  • Darkening and yellowing of the nail bed or nail
  • Unusual odor from the nail

When these concerns arise, patients are encouraged to visit their dermatologist for an evaluation and proper treatment. In many cases, treatment may be handled by laser therapy. Using laser therapy, patients can reduce the bacteria in the area and can see slow improvement throughout the healing process. Treating the infection can also reduce the likelihood of further infection elsewhere on the body where health can become a great concern. Early diagnosis and treatment of nail fungus is best to keep the problem contained and reduce the chances of a more serious infection.

Nail fungus can be caused by many problems, but the fungus that causes it can be found in areas that are warm and moist. Swimming pools, locker rooms, and showers are the most common places where patients may contract nail fungus.

Patients in and around the Stafford and Arlington area can contact our practice to learn more about nail fungus and the methods of treatment that are both effective and safe. We believe in providing quality dermatological care to patients who have skin, hair, and nail concerns and offer surgical, cosmetic and medical dermatology services. Contact our practice today to schedule an initial consultation appointment to ask any questions you may have regarding nail fungus and appropriate treatment.

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