Sun spot removal no problem for your Arlington, VA dermatologist

For a long time, spots that appeared on the skin as a person grew older would be called age spots, or even liver spots. We now know that age spots are simply the result of sun damage. Sun damaged skin may first develop as a few brown spots here and there, or even as small groupings of freckle. As damage progresses and is coupled with a decrease in vitality of supportive tissues beneath the skin, spots become darker and skin loses its supple texture. Our skin naturally changes as we get older, but this does not mean we are powerless to prevent premature aging.

The primary source of aging skin is sun damage, and sun damage comes from exposure to ultra-violet light. The more exposure that occurs the more damage is done and the sooner skin will show signs typically associated with age. Chronic damage occurs from ongoing exposure to direct sunlight, and from tanning bed use, increasing the risk of photo aging as well as precancerous lesions and skin cancer.

There is no denying that it feels good to feel the warmth of the sun, especially after the cold winter months. However, the sun can be damaging to the skin because the effects accumulate over time. The best way to treat the skin is to be proactive about sun protection all throughout the year, applying a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every day. Individuals who spend ample amounts of time outdoors for work or play are encouraged to wear protective clothing.

Treating photodamage

Although the idea is to prevent the onset of photo damage by limiting exposure, not every person has had the opportunity to do this. Just a few decades ago, we were not as well informed about sun protection as we are today. Men and women whose skin has already begun to show the signs of sun damage via sun spots, wrinkles, and other cosmetic issues, need more than prevention, they need effective treatment.

Patients of Washington Dermatology Consultants can address sun spots and other signs of sun damage under the care of experienced dermatologist, Dr. Kenneth Neal. Using advanced technology, we help our patients regain brighter, suppler skin with gentle, pampering treatments such as the LimeLight IPL or Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation. These treatments are safe for many skin types and offer adjustable settings that allow us to tailor treatment to the individual.

If your skin is making you look older than you feel, we can help. Contact us in Stafford or Arlington, VA to start your skin-rejuvenating journey.