The best cosmetic dermatologist in the Arlington area describes the importance of proper skin care

Patients in the Arlington area who want to take good care of their skin often seek the assistance of one of the best cosmetic dermatologists in the area: Dr. Kenneth W. Neal. At his practice, he emphasizes the importance of proper skin care methods to ensure the health and wellness of the skin. The skin covers the body and is the first defense against external factors. When it becomes dry and irritated, it can result in an increased risk for infection and other concerns. If it is not cared for properly with moisturizer, it can become dull and dry. When patients do not protect their skin with sunscreen, they increase their risk of developing skin cancer. There are many reasons patients should take good care of their skin, and the best cosmetic dermatologist in the Arlington and Stafford area can help patients develop an appropriate skin care regimen for their specific skin type.

All ethnicities and skin types can benefit from proper skin care treatment. During an initial examination with our team, our dermatologist can determine the skin type (oily, dry, combination) to suggest specific treatments. This may include special cleansers and moisturizers. If patients are struggling with concerns such as acne or eczema, they may need to add certain topical treatments to their daily skin care regimen to keep these concerns at bay. Patients are always urged to protect their skin every day to keep UV light from damaging the skin’s surface and increasing risk for skin cancer. Sunscreen should be worn at all times for this specific reason.

Daily skin care is important, as well as regular visits to the dermatologist. A dermatologist can monitor the health and wellness of the skin and suggest treatments to continue to improve its appearance and texture. Facials, dermal fillers, laser therapies, and other services can be provided to continue to enhance the skin’s appearance. When combined with proper daily care, patients will experience a beautiful, amazing looking skin!

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