The Best Dermal Filler Treatment In Arlington May Include Radiesse

Dermal fillers are a popular, non-surgical option for decreasing wrinkles, enhancing contours, and softening creases. They can provide many of the same benefits that a surgical facelift does with a comfortable treatment and no downtime, earning them the nickname “liquid facelifts.”

For the best results, Dr. Neal may use a combination of products and techniques to address your individual concerns. Dermal fillers are often used in conjunction with other injectables such as Botox. Additionally, different types of fillers may be used in different areas. Some have a thin consistency, which works well for subtle correction of shallow wrinkles, and delicate contours such as the lips. Products with a thicker consistency hold their form better for filling deep creases, or correcting areas with significant volume loss. Most formulas yield instant results, while some stimulate collagen production for gradual improvement. Radiesse is a unique formula that does both.

Radiesse is formulated with a water-based gel containing calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. The calcium microspheres act as scaffolding, which natural tissues grow into. Radiesse treatment replenishes lost facial volume, and stimulates your body to produce collagen, providing exceptionally natural, long-lasting results. We offer a local anesthetic, administered prior to the injections, for your comfort. It can be used in many facial areas.

The Radiesse procedure is simple, comfortable, and convenient. Treatment can take less than 30 minutes, but the time varies depending on the correction being performed. It involves simple, precise, gentle injections to the area(s) being treated. Some clients choose to resume normal activities immediately following treatment. However, slight redness or swelling may occur at the injection site, so some patients prefer to wait 24 hours.

Results are immediate and may last up to 1 year or more, depending on what areas are treated. It is important to note that results may vary for each individual, depending on several factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and age.

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