Vein ablation treatment with lasers for Arlington and Stafford area patients

Varicose veins are often problematic for patients in the areas of Arlington and Stafford, VA. Dr. Neal and the staff at Washington Dermatology Consultants want to assist individuals in achieving beautiful skin – even when varicose veins are present. This can be achieved with laser ablation.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are large veins that become problematic. They are easy to spot in the legs and for some patients, not only are they unsightly, but they are often itchy and painful, especially for patients who spend a good part of their days sitting or standing.

Treatment options

There are two treatment options available for patients with varicose veins:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser ablation

At Washington Dermatology Consultants, we often recommend laser ablation.

Laser ablation for varicose veins

Lasers are being used in all aspects of dermatology and medicine. Laser therapy is one of the most effective ways of treating problems such as varicose veins and even spider veins. The treatment utilizes laser light that penetrates to the veins, closing them, and allowing the healthier veins to manage the transportation of blood throughout the body. This is completely safe and effective, and allows patients to avoid needles used in alternative procedures such as sclerotherapy.

Schedule an appointment today!

Dr. Neal and the team of Washington Dermatology Consultants provide patients in and around Arlington and Stafford, VA with quality care. If you are considering varicose vein ablation with the use of laser therapies, now is the time to connect with us. Call 571-431-6175 today to schedule an appointment at one of our two conveniently located practices. Our Stafford, VA patients can visit us at 125 Hospital Center Boulevard, Suite #313 and our Arlington, VA area patients can seek solutions at 611 S. Carlin Springs Road, Suite #406. Both practices are accepting new patients.

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