Visiting your dermatologist for laser hair removal or laser vein treatment is a personal choice intended to improve self-confidence. Dr. Neal is a board certified dermatologist with an extensive history of helping patients in Arlington, VA and Stafford, VA achieve healthier, more radiant skin. It remains our goal to provide the variety of treatments our patients need to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Photo Gallery – Before & After

Patient Pictures Shown Before and After Treatments

When the issue is problematic veins, Dr. Neal provides a comfortable, effective solution that gives patients a wonderful alternative to sclerotherapy, the leading non-surgical treatment for spider and varicose veins. Using proven laser technology, spider and varicose veins can become a thing of the past without the need for surgery or lengthy recovery. Laser vein treatment in our Arlington or Stafford, VA offices will allow you to regain confidence in your appearance.

Laser vein removal a quick and virtually painless process

Treatment with laser equipment typically takes only minutes to complete. During a session, targeted veins are treated with brief pulses of laser light. The lining of the blood vessels, as well as the blood in the vein, absorb the energy from the laser. In response, the blood vessels and blood coagulate, or thicken, and the body naturally reabsorbs the debris. Surrounding tissues and overlying skin are not damaged by the energy of our laser device, with only minor irritation occurring, if any.

What to expect from treatment

After laser treatment for spider or varicose veins, it is possible that the treated area will look worse, initially. For several days after treatment, the area may look bruised or dark. If dark spots or lines appear after treatment, it may be due to a small amount of blood trapped in the vein as it closes. The effect of trapped blood will fade within a week or two. Small veins may fade to look like red scratches as they gradually disappear. In general, the full results of treatment should be seen after a few weeks. Depending on the severity and number of problematic veins, it is possible that three to five treatments will be needed to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Kenneth Neal has a lengthy background of education and hands on experience as a fellowship trained, board certified dermatologist. Our patients benefit from personalized care tailored to their needs. Contact Washington Dermatology Consultants for your private laser vein removal consultation today.