What Arlington should know about the safety of intense pulsed light?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a popular treatment for reducing the signs of aging, sun damage, as well as many specific skin concerns. It is billed as a gentler, safer alternative to laser therapy, and it is often requested by patients who do not want to contend with down time. Unfortunately, many people take the high safety rating of IPL treatment to mean that precautions are unnecessary. If you are considering this procedure, please understand that the safety and efficacy are dependent upon the skill of the provider.

FDA safety tips

According to IPL safety tips published on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) website, the procedure is safe and effective when equipment is properly used and maintained. Yet, several reports have been filed with the FDA about complications such as skin discoloration, blisters, burns, and scarring, according to the FDA document. Clinician error, failing to operate or maintain the equipment is considered a main cause of complications. This is supported by manufacturer investigations regarding burns, which concluded that failure to clean equipment properly or failure to calibrate it properly was the “probable root cause” of the events.

The confidence of quality you can count on

At Washington Dermatology Consultants, we firmly believe that medical procedures (including those intended for cosmetic improvement) should be performed in a medical setting, by trained, conscientious professionals. Although many cosmetic treatments are offered in spas and similar settings, these facilities may not have safety and sanitation practices comparable to those of a medical office. Additionally, you may not have a guarantee of the clinician’s training or abilities, and there may not be physician on site to oversee treatment.

Enjoy the confidence of receiving treatment from a professional with extensive training and experience achieving excellent results with IPL treatment. You deserve excellence; don’t settle for anything less. Call Washington Dermatology Consultants 571-431-6175 and schedule a consultation to find out if IPL is right for you. Proudly serving residents throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area.

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