What can Stafford area patients expect as the cost of Mohs micrographic surgery?

When aggressive skin cancers on noticeable areas of the face and body are diagnosed, it is important for patients to get the proper care necessary. Dr. Kenneth Neal of Washington Dermatology Consultants welcomes patients to his practice to learn about the procedure that trumps them all: Mohs micrographic surgery.

Stafford area patients who are diagnosed with skin cancer may benefit greatly from Mohs micrographic surgery. This procedure is done in a special manner to ensure all cancerous skin cells are removed from the body. Skin is removed layer by layer and this allows the dermatologist to reduce the damage to surrounding healthy skin, therefore reducing the scarring and disfiguration. This is why many patients with skin cancer on areas of the face may be best suited for Mohs micrographic surgery versus traditional excision.

Many patients who are faced with the idea of undergoing this procedure are often worried about the cost of Mohs micrographic surgery. In some cases, patients may be able to get reimbursement through their health insurance for this procedure to reduce or eliminate their out-of-pocket expense. However, our practice can also provide patients with financing options to make this procedure attainable for any budget. We know how important it is to get the quality care necessary to achieve health and wellness after a skin cancer diagnosis, and want to make treatment options readily available and affordable to those who need it. Skin cancer is one of the less aggressive forms of cancer, and the easiest to diagnose early, but it still requires treatment to protect and maintain one’s health. It should be taken seriously, just like any other form of cancer, but patients are relieved to know that early diagnosis can lead to effective treatment.

If you live in the Stafford area or a surrounding community, Dr. Kenneth Neal is here to help. Contact Washington Dermatology Consultants today to book a visit and learn about the ways in which his team can assist in bringing your skin and body back to health after a skin cancer diagnosis.

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