What Is Laser Hair Removal And What Can Arlington Patients Expect From Treatment?

Are you tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing? Are you ready to throw out the depilatory cream and experience something permanent for removing unwanted hair? Arlington area dermatologists are happy to offer an alternative to years of grooming and removing unwanted hair, called laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles to destroy them and keep them from producing hair—permanently. Many patients in the Arlington area enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal, and after several treatments, can enjoy permanent results.

Laser hair removal cannot provide optimum results in just one visit. Hair grows in different phases, only a percentage of it is actively growing at any given time. The laser light from the device can only treat hair in the active growth phase. Therefore, several sessions are needed to target all the hair in the area. Most patients will benefit from approximately four to six treatments over the course of a year for the best results, and afterwards, can enjoy permanent removal of unwanted hair.

During treatment, patients rest in the dermatologist’s chair or table while the area is prepared. This may require shaving beforehand. The laser device is adjusted to the pigmentation of the patient’s skin, and eye protection is worn. The device administers a pulse of laser light to the area. There may be some slight discomfort, but nothing extremely painful or that causes patients to avoid treatments.

After the procedure, patients can use ice packs and special lotions to soothe the area and address any discomfort. The next appointment is made approximately one month later, and is continued until the hair in the treated area fails to grow.

Most patients are good candidates for treatment. Nearly anyone who struggles with unwanted hair on the body can enjoy laser hair removal. Many patients have hair removed from all parts of the body, including the bikini line, legs, underarms, face, chest, and back. It can be a wonderful way for patients to reclaim their life and save time, energy, and money in addressing unwanted hair.

If you are in the Arlington area and are considering laser hair removal, contact Washington Dermatology consultants today to find out if this treatment is the optimum solution for you and your lifestyle!

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