When Might Arlington, VA Area Patients Consider Chemical Peels?

When patients in the Arlington, VA area are considering rejuvenating and repairing their skin, they may ask their dermatologist about the benefits of chemical peels. Chemical peels are done in a dermatologist’s office and they provide patients with a method of removing dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the dermis. By doing this, they can help in skin cell turnover and improve the texture, tone, and overall youthfulness of their skin. Chemical peels are commonly done on the face as an anti-aging solution, as well as to address dull, discolored skin.

A chemical peel is performed in just minutes in the office. A mixture of specific ingredients is applied to clean skin, left on for several minutes, and removed from the face. Over the course of several days, the skin may appear red. For stronger peels, the skin may peel and flake off. This is the rejuvenation of skin cells and is expected to happen several days after the treatment has been applied. Patients are advised to apply moisturizer and Vaseline to the skin to facilitate healing and protect it from the elements.

Depending on what patients want to achieve with their chemical peels, several sessions may be necessary. The strength of the chemical peel will also determine how many visits patients should schedule, and this can be discussed during the initial consultation appointment with the dermatologist. Patients may be able to have fewer peels done by undergoing stronger solutions, but may need to arrange longer recovery times for healing and skin regeneration.

There are many reasons why patients may speak to their dermatologist about having chemical peels completed. It can help in correcting sun damage, improving texture, evening out the skin tone, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It may also help with other problems including acne and acne scarring while also enhancing the patient’s natural beauty.

If you reside in the Arlington, VA community and you are considering a way of rejuvenating the face, chemical peels may be the best solution. Contact your local dermatologist’s office to learn more about the various chemical peels available and how they can assist you in looking more youthful and beautiful with just one simple treatment!

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