Where near me in Stafford can I repair an earlobe

If you have searched the internet for “earlobe repair near me in Stafford” and have come to the website of Washington Dermatology Consultants, you are in good hands. Dr. Kenneth Neal is a dermatological professional who offers not only cosmetic and medical services but surgical treatments that can be used to improve aesthetics and address problems. When patients have torn or sagging earlobes and they want to repair them, they can speak with our team of professionals to learn about surgical intervention solutions.

Earlobe repair surgery is a treatment that is done in many instances. Sometimes patients have had a tear due to a piercing previously placed in their ear. Other times, patients may want to reconstruct a missing earlobe. In some cases, there are patients who are trying to repair their earlobe from large piercings done in the past. No matter what the case, Dr. Kenneth Neal offers restorative options with earlobe repair surgery for patients in and around the Stafford area.

Dr. Kenneth Neal and the team at Washington Dermatology Consultants work closely with patients to help them find an effective way of rejuvenating their appearance and repairing issues such as torn or disfigured earlobes. Patients start the process with a consultation appointment and find out how earlobe repair surgery works. This is also a great time to discuss cost and expectations of the procedure. Dr. Kenneth Neal can show patients before and after photos of patients who have previously undergone the procedure, so potential patients can see what can be done with even the largest of tears and holes. Some patients may even want a small portion of their ear removed and tightened due to sagging and skin laxity caused by large earrings. All of these common situations can be addressed with surgical intervention by Dr. Kenneth Neal.

At Washington Dermatology Consultants, we want our patients to feel comfortable in our facility and understand that we offer discreet treatments for medical and cosmetic concerns. Contact us today to book your consultation visit now and discuss with our team of professionals the concerns you may have about the appearance or health of your skin and body.

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