Why Arlington Patients Should Consider Radiesse Injections

Radiesse is a wonderful dermal filler that also provides long-term collagen stimulation. Unlike traditional dermal fillers that need to be touched-up regularly to maintain the results, Radiesse provides longer benefits and only requires reinjection after several years to boost collagen production. This makes it a completely different injectable than other hyaluronic fillers, which reabsorb into the body and they must be redone periodically to maintain a youthful appearance.

Radiesse is also a very affordable treatment. Since other fillers require reinjection once or twice every year, patients can enjoy Radiesse injections for up to 36 months in “low movement” areas of the face. Reinjection can help in improving collagen, which is a more permanent solution to fine lines and wrinkles than continual use of hyaluronic acid. Since patients are undergoing fewer injections, they can benefit from a more budget-friendly solution.

Radiesse is a very soft, smooth filler that can provide Arlington area patients with natural, beautiful results. No one wants to look as though they have had “work done,” and Radiesse injections can provide the results patients want without the fake after-effects.

Many patients love using injectables such as Radiesse as they can enjoy a less invasive treatment that doesn’t require them to take time off their daily activities or work. Plastic surgery requires down time and recovery, while Radiesse injections can be done during the lunch hour and allows patients to go back to their day with no interruptions. While some patients may experience some redness and bruising, this is not long-lasting and can be covered with cosmetics if necessary.

Radiesse is FDA approved for cosmetic use, and when handled by an experienced provider, patients can enjoy safe, beautiful, amazing results for years to come!

If you live in the Arlington area and are considering Radiesse or any other injectable treatment to improve your skin, contact Washington Dermatology Consultants today to schedule a consultation appointment with a trained provider. It’s about time you take charge of your appearance and not let the signs of aging get you down!

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